Account Management

Account Management


Wowzers!  I mean why not! 

Lets get the ball rolling with your online advertising and save you money right from the start.  After three months it will continue on a month by month basis.

What do you get for your money? 
A Brand is Born will look after your online advertising, which might even include social media and LinkedIn.  Depending on your budget we can look at all the avenues available to build your brand and sell the products and services you offer.

We'll take the data from your campaigns, analyse it and make business decisions based on what is needed to increase sales/reduce cost.

We will come up with ideas for advertising and work with you to target your core audience.

End of campaign or monthly feedback reports, giving you visibility of where your budget (which is of course extra) was spent and the conversions achieved.

How much?
From as little as £100, just depends what is required.  You may find you need us more and more to manage more campaigns and upscale your spend etc, in which case the cost will rise, but that's OK because you are making money.  

How long will it take to set this up?
Some of that depends on you, such as setting up bank details if you need a new account set up. Getting your webmaster to add code needed to measure the success. 

Apart from the external factors, from us it will take four days to setup your AdWords search and display campaign.  For shopping campaigns it can take longer due to  Google's approval system.

Whats Next?

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